Take A Sneak Peek At Elite Cash Game Exploits With Uri Peleg

Want to reach the top of the poker mountain so even solid regulars become more like recreational players?

The brand new Elite Cash Game Exploits course is made to help you on your climb.

Taught by high-stakes poker crusher Uri Peleg, this course will help turn you into an exploitative machine. The entire course is dedicated to teaching you how to identify leaks and destroy your opponents. 

High-stakes pros all around the world praise Uri’s strategic approach, and he also has results to back it up. Take a look at his 5bb/100 win-rate graph since November 2020 in a big ante game that is roughly the equivalent of $25/$50 (5K NL):

Uri Peleg Graph Since November 2020

Uri holds nothing back in this course. Here’s a look at what’s inside including 3 sneak peek videos at the bottom of this article.

What’s Inside Elite Cash Game Exploits with Uri Peleg?

The course includes 25 hours of video content is divided into four sections:

  1. Exploitative Poker 101 (1.5 hours)
  2. Preflop (5 hours + 539 charts + Late Position Steal App)
  3. Postflop (9 hours)
  4. Play & Exploits (9 hours)

Let’s take a look at the specific videos in each section.

Exploitative Poker 101 (1.5 hours)

Learn the fundamentals of exploitative poker, including the “3 pillars of exploitation” that you need to understand to effectively counter your opponents’ tendencies.

  • Introduction to Exploitative Poker (34:58)
  • The Issues with GTO in Multiway Spots (13:57)
  • HUDs and Player Statistics (28:51)
  • Hard vs Soft Exploits (8:42)

Preflop (5 hours + 539 Charts + Late Position Steal App)

Maximize your edge before the flop with battle-tested exploitative adjustments that set you up for massive success postflop.

Preflop exploit videos include:

  • How Important is Preflop? (48:20)
  • Player Archetypes & Preflop Adjustments Part 1 (19:12)
  • Player Archetypes & Preflop Adjustments Part 2 (36:05)
  • Button Stealing (39:17)
  • 3-Betting Part 1 (39:38)
  • 3-Betting Part 2 (42:11)
  • 4-Betting Part 1 (40:28)
  • 4-Betting Part 2 (40:32)

Uri’s Preflop Chart Viewer covers every common preflop situation for 5 different open sizes (2x open, 2.25x open, 2.5x open, 3x open, 3.5x open) so you know exactly how to react no matter what raise size your opponents use.

preflop ranges for elite cash game exploits

The Late Position Steal App is a one-of-a-kind tool helps you build customized opening strategies against different player types who are making mistakes preflop, allowing you to counter those mistakes effectively. It’s a complex tool meant for advanced players, and Uri explains how to use it in the course.

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Postflop (9 hours)

Abuse your opponents with money-making tactics that work against aggressive maniacs, passive calling stations, and player types in between.

The postflop section is the heart of this course and covers:

  • How Postflop Exploits Work (34:35)
  • Bet Size Introduction (17:44)
  • Punching Bags (37:10)
  • Bet Size Hand Strength (37:06)
  • Bet Size Hand Examples (1:03:18)
  • C-Bet Strategy Intro (8:12)
  • The Range Bet (37:36)
  • The Polarized C-Bet (32:45)
  • Finding Sizing Tells (By Playing Too Many Hands) (20:09)
  • Sizing Tells Analysis (51:23)
  • Why Did A9 Barrel? (34:21)
  • Punching Bag Drills (31:13)
  • The Aggressive Player Archetype (27:21)
  • Playing Against the Aggressive Player (Drills) (46:33)
  • The Calling Station Archetype (17:49)
  • Playing Against the Calling Station (Drills) (28:55)
  • Postflop Adjustments After Preflop Exploits (21:56)

Play & Exploits (9 hours)

Uri puts his exploitative approach into practice at $1/$2, $2/$5, $5/$10, and $25/$50 so you can learn by example. He also analyzes four different player databases to show you how to leverage your own database to formulate winning counters to your opponents’ strategies.

This section includes the following videos:

  • 200NL Player Analysis (55:10)
  • 1000NL Player Analysis (54:00)
  • Play & Exploit #1 – 200NL Live Play (1:02:24)
  • Play & Exploit #2 – 1000NL Live Play (1:14:55)
  • Play & Exploit #3 – 500NL Live Play (1:16:23)
  • Play & Exploit #4 – 200NL Rush Live Play (47:49)
  • 50NL Zoom Player Analysis (46:44)
  • 100NL/200NL Player Analysis (47:38)
  • 5000NL Footage Review (1:09:45)

Red Line Rocketship (Bonus Course)

This 3.5-hour course will cost $499, but you can get it as a free bonus if you get Elite Cash Game Exploits before Friday, April 29th, at midnight.

Red Line Rocketship is divided into two sections: Red Line Play and Check-Raising Strategies.

Red Line Play (2 hours)

This section is all about improving your winnings at non-showdown. The videos include:

  • Red Line Philosophy (5:46)
  • Deception (14:59)
  • Overbetting Part 1 (15:47)
  • Overbetting Part 2 (18:53)
  • The Bet Check Bet Game Part 1 (18:23)
  • The Bet Check Bet Game Part 2 (12:13)
  • The Bet Check Bet Game Part 3 (19:48)

Check-Raising Strategies (1.5 hours)

This section will help you protect yourself against players who are a little too comfortable with their positional advantage (and teach you how to strike back effectively and with informed purpose).

  • Check-Raising Fundamentals (14:20)
  • Basic Range Construction (19:59)
  • Positions, Sizing, and Textures (29:06)
  • Playing Turns and Rivers (21:17)
  • Lessons in Review (16:44)

Sneak Peek Videos

This clip from the Postflop section really encapsulates what this course is like (there’s also a nice walkthrough of the course at the end):

[embedded content]

Here’s a short clip from The Issues With GTO In Multiway Spots video from the Exploitative Poker 101 section:

[embedded content]

Here’s a clip of Uri playing 200NL fast-fold poker from the Play & Exploits section of the course.

[embedded content]

Elite Cash Game Exploits FAQ

Q: How much does the course cost?

Elite Cash Game Exploits costs $999 for lifetime access. Uri’s Red Line Rocketship course costs $499 but is free for people who purchase Elite Cash Game Exploits during launch week (offer expires April 29th at midnight).

Q: Is the course appropriate for new players?

Players at most skill levels will benefit greatly from watching Elite Cash Game Exploits. That said, if you’re just getting started playing poker, you’re better off going with the Upswing Lab until you understand the basics.

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