Our Products

 Austino Petroleum is actively involved in bulk importation of petroleum products like Automotive Gas Oils (AGO), Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Base Oils, Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK) and Aviation fuels. At different times, we have imported refined products into Nigeria on behalf of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and also exported fuel oil (HPFO/LPFO) from the NNPC.

We specialize in market contracts to deliver products that are very attractive to our customers under-market prices.

AGO Marketing
In this area of business, our key objective is the marketing and sales of AGO and other refined oil products in the supply chain management focusing on relationship development and market expansion.

Austino is recognized for high quality products which has earned us a place in the hearts of our clients and customers. Please contact our office to enquire about any specific products we will do our best to accommodate your requirements. Our Offerings include:

Natural Gas Marketing
Austino Natural Gas Marketing business is a full-service wholesale natural gas supply, marketing and trading business. With more than 12 years of gas marketing experience, we are focused on providing superior value to both local and international gas customers through a reliable and cost-effective product-service offering.

Our logistics chain includes: 

  • Truck transportation
  • Trans-loading

Within the past couple of years we have delivered Trucks of PMS and AGO to various oil and gas companies and over 10,000MT of AGO for use by AP Plc and for the open market. In the same period, we have imported over 34,000MT of DPK for AP Plc and for other traders in the open market.