Garrett Adelstein Strikes Back, Wins $390K Pot Against Dylan Gang On Hustler Casino Live

Adelstein Gang Round2
Adelstein got a little revenge from getting slowrolled by Dylan Gang after winning a $390K pot off him on Hustler Casino Live.

Just one week after Dylan Gang’s slowroll of Garrett Adelstein had the poker world abuzz, the pair of high-stakes cash game players found themselves back on the Hustler Casino Live felt – ready for round two.

With thousands of fans watching the livestream, it didn’t take long before Adelstein and Gang were back and battling heads-up in a hotly contested pot.

The game was playing big with three binds posting $100/$200/$400 when Adelstein, sitting with just over $300,000, opened the button to $1,200 holding the Tc9c. Gang, with $194K in his stack, three-bet from the big blind to $6,500 holding Ah4h.

In position, Adelstein made the quick call and the flop came out 9d6h2d giving Adelstein top pair and Gang one over and backdoor outs. Gang took a few seconds and led with a $4,500 bet. Adelstein shot few quick glances Gang’s way before he made it $20,000 to go. Gang shifted slightly, looking a little uncomfortable, took a moment and made the call, floating with his ace-high.

“This is an action turn.”

With the pot at just over $53,000, the dealer put out the Th on the turn and Gang checked it over to “G-Man”. Now with top-two, Adelstein asked Gang to show him how much he had left in his stack. Then, Adelstein fired a $35,000 bet.

Then, just like that, Gang moved his remaining $167K all-in.

Adelstein jumped up and asked for a count. “Well, boys and girls,” said Hustler Casino Live co-founder Nick Vertucci. “This is what we’ve been waiting for.”

“There’s nothing to even think about, I have a big hand,” Adelstein said looking somewhat incredulous. “I can’t even consider doing anything else, I have a monster.”

Then, he finally committed the chips for a call and without hesitation flashed a single finger – run it once.

With $389,500 in the pot, the dealer put out a complete brick, the 2s.

[embedded content]

“I have nothing,” Gang said. But Adelstein wasn’t about to be fooled a second time.

One week ago, Gang gave Adelstein the “nice call” essentially baiting Adelstein to show his worst hand first. This time, Adelstein stayed still refusing to show, waiting for Gang to expose the losing hand.

Gang held his missed flush draw face-up, Adelstein stood, looked, and only when he saw he couldn’t be beaten, turned over his winning two pair over to drag the pot.

“Second round TKO – goes to Adelstein,” the commentator said as Gang slowly got up and left the room.

In the aftermath, Adelstein, who finished the night up roughly $200,000 tweeted out a little quote about karma.

Undoubtedly, this won’t be the last time these two high-stakes pro tangle.

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