Dylan Linde Wins First WSOP Bracelet; Daniel Lazrus Leads Millionaire Maker Final Five

Dylan Linde
Dylan Linde won his first WSOP bracelet as the mixed game specialist and poker author took down Event #21 for 170,269.

The latest winner of a WSOP bracelet is Dylan Linde after the mixed game specialist and author of books on the subject proved he knows how to use those skills in real life too. Linde triumphed in the $1,500-entry Mixed Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Event #21 to bag his first WSOP gold bracelet and the top prize of $170,269.

Dylan Linde Scores First Bracelet

Heading into the final table, Linde had the shortest stack of the eight players, with Hernan Salazar the leader. That change across a lengthy final table, where Linde went from short stack to bracelet winner. Michael Lim busted in eighth place for $14,104, before a protracted period saw a lot of chip movement and a dinner break for the remaining seven players.

When play resumed, Salazar had a massive lead. Post-dinner, however, things were about to get much busier and players such as Lance Sobelman (7th for $18,740), Ryan Roeder (6th for $25,424), and Damjan Radanov ($35,204) all lost their route to WSOP glory.

With four players remaining, David Matsumoto lost his tournament life in Big O as Linde chipped up again with a full house of tens full of fours. That gave Linde the chip lead, and while Hernan Salazar managed to go into the heads-up battle with 6.7 million chips after taking Day 1 and 2 chip leader Scott Abrams out in third place, Linde had almost 9.3 million chips and won pot after pot to conquer his opponent with a brief but dominant heads-up display.

WSOP 2021 Event #21 Mixed Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Final Table Results:

  1. Dylan Linde – $170,269
  2. Hernan Salazar – $105,235
  3. Scott Abrams – $71,651
  4. David Matsumoto – $49,733
  5. Damjan Radanov – $35,204
  6. Ryan Roeder – $25,424
  7. Lance Sobelman – $18,740
  8. Michael Lim – $14,104

Final Five In The Milly Maker

In the $1,500 Millionaire Maker, the final 20 players played down to just five final table players, with tomorrow’s final table set to make one of the finalists an overnight millionaire. It is Daniel Lazrus who leads the field with a massive stack of 60 million chips, almost double his nearest challenger as the popular American looks to bag his second bracelet of 2021 after conquering the WSOP Online Series earlier this year.

Of the five remaining players, only Belgium’s Michael Gathy has won a WSOP bracelet before, but he will be a big danger to the other four players, having won four bracelets in his career to date.

Day 4 took just under six hours to reduce the field by 75%, and early bust-outs were commonplace. Players such as Li Zhou, Nabil Cardoso and Luis Zedan busted after no time at all, with both Gathy and Lazrus eliminating a player each. Another player to thrive on Day 4 of the mammoth event was Ignacio Moron, thanks in no small part to a stunning hand where he was all-in pre-flop with KdKc against Dien Le’s AsAh. The board of 8h7s6cTsKh saw Moron make a set of kings on the river to prevail and at that point, he drew almost level with Lazrus at the top of the leaderboard.

It continued in that fashion for some time, with Lazrus and Moron continuing to battle with each other as they both built stacks bigger than anyone else. Lazrus briefly lost the lead, but grabbed it right back as he busted Arie Kliper in 12th place for $53,245, Lazrus’ QsQd triumphing against AsTh when a queen on the flop gave him a set and Kliper whiffed two streets at Broadway.

From there, Lazrus piled up the overwhelming chip lead that he had into the final with, but there was a big win elsewhere as the Day 1b chip leader Stephen Song was ousted from the tournament by four-time winner Gathy. Song was all-in from the small blind with KdJs and Gathy called from the big blind with AsQh to see a ten-high board land him an important pot.

Gathy would win another big pot with Qs9s on a board showing KsAh5s8s as he bet-caled Philip Verel’s shove with AsAd, Gathy fading the 4h to eliminate the Day 3 chip leader in stunning fashion. With Gathy eventually bagging up 21.9 million, he is followed in the counts by Jeffrey Gencarelli (13.5 million) and Day 2 chip leader Darryl Ronconi (7.4 million).

WSOP 2021 Event #17 $1,500 Millionaire Maker Final Table Chipcounts:

  1. Daniel Lazrus – 60,200,000
  2. Ignacio Moron – 30,600,000
  3. Michael Gathy – 21,900,000
  4. Jeffrey Gencarelli – 13,500,000
  5. Darryl Ronconi – 7,400,000

Event #22, otherwise known as the Ladies Championship, saw 10 levels of play leave just 10% of the 170-player field still in seats by the close of play, with Mikiyo Aoki (1,764,000) in the lead. Following her at the top of the leaderboard were JJ Liu (1,511,000), Crystal Marino (1,349,000) and Cherish Andrews (1,200,000), all of whom will be hoping to overtake the leader as the remaining 17 players race to the final table.

Other players were not so fortunate to survive, with stars such as Day 1 chip leader Angelina Rich, Katerina Lukina, Jacquelyn Scott, Marsha Wolak, and Jamie Kerstetter all busting on Day 2. There will be a new bracelet winner whoever takes down the $115,694 top prize from here, with no former WSOP bracelets still in with a chance of victory.

Patrick Leonard commented with an interesting take on the fact that a male player (Tom Hammers) played the event on Day 1 and planned to donate any money he won to a women’s charity.

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WSOP 2021 Event #22 Ladies NLHE Championship Top 10 Chipcounts:

  1. Mikiyo Aoki – 1,674,000
  2. JJ Liu – 1,511,000
  3. Crystal Marino – 1,349,000
  4. Cherish Andrews – 1,200,000
  5. Lara Eisenberg – 1,049,000
  6. Debora Brooke – 713,000
  7. Marle Cordeiro – 685,000
  8. Thi Nguyen – 659,000
  9. Victoria Livschitz – 604,000
  10. Amanda Baker – 568,000

Drinan In The Hunt For Second Series Bracelet

Just 10 players will return to the Rio to battle for the bracelet in Event #23, the $1,500-entry Eight Game Mix, which plays out six-handed to the winner. Two tables of five will reconvene with Ryan Hughes in a commanding lead, holding 2,534,000 chips.

Hughes leads from a man who has already won a WSOP bracelet this series, with Connor Drinan bagging up 1,990,000 chips. Elsewhere in the final day chip counts, Brett Shafer (800,000) and Daniel Zack (384,000) will begin knowing that their stack needs to grow quickly for them to have a chance of winning the gold.

Players such as Michael Mizrachi, Yuri Dzivielevski and Scott Bohlman missed out on the final day, with five-time WSOP winner Mizrachi crashing out in 11th place $8,167) in Pot Limit Omaha when his straight draw didn’t make it against Drinan’s two-pair.

WSOP 2021 Event #23 $1,500 Eight Game Mix 6-Handed Final Day Chipcounts:

  1. Ryan Hughes – 2,534,000
  2. Connor Drinan – 1,990,000
  3. Schuyler Thornton – 1,505,000
  4. Tyler Willse – 1,165,000
  5. Hunter Mcclelland – 1,110,000
  6. George Alexander – 936,000
  7. Brandon Bergin – 934,000
  8. Brett Shaffer – 800,000
  9. Ryan Leng – 770,000
  10. Daniel Zack – 384,000

Liang Leads $600 PLO Deepstack

In the $600-entry PLO Deepstack event, a massive field of 1,572 entries was whittled down to 236 players by the time the money bubble burst. Of those players, only 68 made it to Day 2, with Shen Liang (2,285,000) marginally ahead of the other big stack Ahmad Shiraz (2,165,000) at the top of the chip counts.

Players such as Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer and WSOP Main Event runner-up David Williams also made the money, but couldn’t survive to Day 2, with only Joao Simao (510,000) and Andrew Donabedian (420,000) of the remaining players having won a WSOP bracelet before. Plenty of superstars who are yet to strike gold so far in their careers remain in the hunt, with YouTuber Andrew Neeme (440,000) just one of the five dozen still in seats and dreaming of glory.

WSOP 2021 Event #24 $600 Pot Limit Omaha Deepstack Top 10 Chipcounts:

  1. Shen Liang – 2,285,000
  2. Ahmad Shiraz – 2,165,000
  3. Michael Prendergast – 1,890,000
  4. Eric Polirer – 1,515,000
  5. Donnie Phan – 1,515,000
  6. Bosu Avunoori – 1,445,000
  7. Daniel Wasserberg – 1,420,000
  8. Maxx Coleman – 1,355,000
  9. Emanuel Santiago – 1,350,000
  10. Anthony Plotner – 1,295,000

$5K Six-Max Brought Out The Stars

In Event #25, the $5,000-entry six-handed NLHE event that closed out the action on Day 13, a large number of well-known pros escaped the day to become one of the 192 players who survived from 578 entries.

It was Scott Drobes who piled up the biggest pile of chips, sitting with 692,700 by the close of play. He was followed in the counts by Yosif Nawabi (490,100) and Antoine Goutard (477,500), both of whom will hope to eclipse the leader when play resumes.

Other luminaries of the felt who survived included Jonathan Jaffe (425,000), Daniel Negreanu (245,000), Erik Seidel (130,300), Faraz Jaka (121,700), David Benyamine (101,100) and Maria Ho (57,000), with a stellar Day 2 packed with stars on the horizon.

WSOP 2021 Event #25 $5,000 Six-Handed Top 10 Chipcounts:

  1. Scott Drobes – 692,700
  2. Yosif Nawabi – 490,100
  3. Antoine Goutard – 477,500
  4. Erwann Pecheux – 476,000
  5. Jonathan Jaffe – 425,500
  6. Arie Kliper – 417,500
  7. Chance Kornuth – 388,300
  8. Bin Weng – 374,100
  9. Steven Morris – 357,100
  10. Vincent Huang – 328,400

Phil Hellmuth faced something of a backlash on Day 13 of the 2021 World Series of Poker, with his outbursts on Day 12 provoking a complicit statement from The Poker Brat.

Finally, John Monette may have won a WSOP bracelet this Autumn already, but try telling his wife to be satisfied, especially after she spent so long rooting for him to win!

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